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  • We provide the optimum level of care including comprehensive exams for all special effect contact lens  fittings
  • Corneal and Scleral Contact lens assessments
  • Custom Contacts/ Hand Painted Effects based on your specifications and design
  •  A team of experienced and professional contact lens technicians ready to assist you with any of your on set needs


Credit List

Take a look through our rich history. Our founding doctor, Reuben Greenspoon O.D., cultivated techniques using scleral shells for the film industry. 

His son, Dr. Morton K. Greenspoon transformed these techniques and the use of Special Effect Contact Lenses into the legacy it is today.  We are honored to carry his stories and insights forward. With over 80 years experience in Film, T.V. and more...


Our Policies

ALL Contact Lenses are considered a Medical Device and regulated by the FDA. 

Our Doctors strongly adhere to proper medical protocols and procedures while gracefully blending the magic of an artist's imagination and today's standard of eye health care. 

Meet Our Doctors


Richard Silver, O.D.

Richard Silver, O.D.

Richard Silver, O.D.

Dr. Richard Silver is a Cum Laude graduate of Pennsylvania State University, and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dr. Silver specializes in eye care and contact lenses for children and adults, including prosthetic lenses for those who have lost or damaged their eyes. Dr. Silver has written numerous articles on eye care and contact lenses and is a clinical investigator for several contact lens companies. He serves as an expert witness for medical-legal issues related to contact lens designs. He is a consultant to the major film studios and production companies. His special effect contact lens work has been featured on television shows "Extra" and "Entertainment Tonight", along with magazine publications "Time" and "People".


Stacey Sumner, O.D.

Richard Silver, O.D.

Richard Silver, O.D.

Dr. Stacey Sumner earned her undergraduate degree in Psychobiology from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). She received her doctorate degree in Optometry from the University of California at Berkeley. She did her clinical externship at the San Francisco VA Medical Center, Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center and at the Moffet Field Naval Air Station. Dr. Sumner specializes in the family practice of optometry with emphasis on contact lenses. She joined the Greenspoon-Silver partnership in 1995. Dr. Sumner oversees all the theatrical special effect contact lens projects.


Nancy McBride O.D.

Richard Silver, O.D.

Nancy McBride O.D.

Dr. Nancy McBride earned her undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and her doctorate degree in Optometry from the University of California at Berkeley. She went on to complete her residency in Cornea and Contact Lens at the State University of New York, College of Optometry. Dr. McBride specializes in the fitting of soft and rigid contact lenses, including prosthetic lenses for patients with severe corneal disease. She was one of 16 Optometrists in the nation trained to fit a highly customizable prosthetic device developed by the Boston Foundation for Sight, and successfully established and led the only BostonSightTM clinic in Northern California at the University of California, San Francisco. She is available for routine ophthalmic care, along with treatment for corneal irregularities like keratoconus, as well as dry eye syndrome.

Contact Lens Technicians


What They Do

Why We Need Them

Why We Need Them

CL Techs are an extension of our Doctors while on set. They are able to oversee the comfort of actors and the proper management or care of contact lenses. They are in constant communication with the Doctors, Production and Make Up team. 


Why We Need Them

Why We Need Them

Why We Need Them

The only people who should legally be handling contact lenses are those to whom they are prescribed and/or medical professionals. This pertains to Theatrical contact lenses or otherwise personal for vision correction. As an extension of the prescribing Doctor, our techs are in compliance with the California State Law and Federal regulations; following the medical chain of command. Technicians are equipped, not only with a unique understanding of  the medical significance, but also, fluent knowledge of set etiquette. Our team is poised to blend in seamlessly with your crew and efficiently provide comfort or support where it is needed. 


When To Schedule

Why We Need Them

When To Schedule

Creatures, color change, trauma, or an actor who prefers not to handle their own corrective contact lenses? Contact us. We have a network of Lens Technicians employed and insured by Professional VisionCare. We will make sure you and your team are covered. It is our pleasure to let contacts be a worry as small as they literally are... 

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Can Anyone Fit A Contact Lens?

No. Only a licensed eye care professional can fit a contact lens. This is because all contact lenses, personal or those intended for special effects, require a prescription as defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Contact lenses can only be prescribed and supplied by an eye health professional licensed by the state to do so. The eye health professional, therefore bears direct responsibility for the lenses and any adverse effect to whom they were prescribed. A makeup artist, first aid person or any other persons on a film set cannot legally take that responsibility; it belongs solely to the prescribing doctor. A physician may hand over the insertion, removal and care of the lenses to one of their trained technicians who continues to work under their direct supervision and responsibility. 


Eye doctors and eye health professionals that are licensed and insured to practice their techniques using only FDA approved materials and processes for the best possible aesthetic and medically prudent outcomes.

Why We Invoice for Tech Time

Our Lens Technicians are employees of PVA. The prescribing doctor is always involved from start to finish to ensure the health and safety of all parties. Our doctors carry Medical Malpractice Insurance. Our technicians are covered by their policies. 

A Little History

Dr. Greenspoon's father, Dr. Reuben Greenspoon,

demonstrates special effect lenses

Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller

The whole "making of" is amazing. Plus, right about 4:33 you see Dr. Morton K. Greenspoon inserting Michael's lenses. You may also see some other familiar faces (Rick Baker)...

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If you have specific questions or need to set up an Exam please contact our office. Our SFX Coordinator, Whitney LePon, will be happy to help accommodate your needs. 

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